I am a chartered health and safety practitioner (CMIOSH) and have spent my full working life in this field, often working at strategic levels beyond routine operations. I have particular expertise in assisting discussions between a client and the regulatory authorities. My experience includes:


> Safety Manager for B&Q plc 2004 to 2009 and consultant to them since 1988
> Adviser to lighting retailer with in-store concessions and a chain of greengrocers
> Initial draft of model risk assessments for HSE’s “sensible risk management” web pages

Food and drink manufacture

> Risk assessment exercises and advice on safety management for various clients in the soft drinks and whisky industries
> Risk assessment exercise and training for a major bakery chain
> Consultancy including risk assessment, advice on safety management and training to a fresh salad processor
> Machinery safety review for a meat processor

Hospitality, hotels and events

> Safety management system and risk assessments for a hotel chain
> Risk management and assessment for conferences and away-day events in B&Q
> Led team on safety management review for a major catering contractor

Property management and maintenance

> Conducted audits, risk assessments and investigations for various major property owners and managers at shopping centres and other commercial properties
> Extensive ongoing advice to many clients regarding the safety of contracted property maintenance activities
> Provided strategic lead to safety in property maintenance and store revamps at B&Q

Consultancy advice to general manufacturing including

> Electronics
> Engineering and foundries
> Paper manufacture, conversion, coating and printing
> Rubber manufacturing

Public services such as education and health care

> Adviser to various independent schools, including on contentious matters such as off-site activities
> Review of a Metropolitan Borough Council’s safety management systems following a fatal accident
> Adviser to NHS Trust and also NRPB (now Radiation Protection Division of the Health Protection Agency) setting strategic directions for risk management